Welcome to the portal for Fox Dude holders' encrypted pages. 


The pages on the other side consist of our web stores, and soon-to-be landing pages necessary for our next projects.


 To access the other side of the main Fox Hole you will need to hold at least 1 Fox Dude NFT in your wallet. 

Diving into the Fox Hole will require you to connect your wallet to authenticate, so make sure you are on a browser that supports.
Clicking on any other portals will require you to register your Fox Dude on our "Register Your NFT" page. 

If you register multiple Fox Dudes, you’ll be granted the status of the highest ranking Fox Dude registered. If you get a newer and higher ranked Fox Dude, make sure you update your account so your privileges can be upgraded as well. 

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1 FOX DUDE Required 

*Boss Crew Status* Required