Promo Collection

"Look, but don't touch"

This is the promo collection of Fox Dude. It features 6 editions, introducing the 6 fur types Fox Dude has. This collection is designed to display the revolutionary design properties that make Fox Dude stand out from the rest of Collectible NFT avatars. Fox Dude is the foxiest dude around, from his trendy outfits to out of the ordinary handhelds. Some of these items are more common than others and some may even be "Golden”. What sets Fox dude apart from any other NFT avatar is he has a Birthday property. Not only will you be able to find a Fox dude who appeals to you based on his appearance, but you can also find a Fox Dude that you are personally connected to through having the same birthday.
We hope you are excited for the 1st Fox Dude Collection as much as we are. In the mean time, examine the 6 OG Fox Dudes and follow to our Instagram for updates on Fox Dude and our other projects.